About us

STONESTA is a producer of manufactured decorative stone and facing bricks for exterior and interior use. During decade of existing, we gained knowledge and experience, which enables us to offer you vide range (over 60 types) and best quality artificial stones.
We are proud of our ecological and innovative manufacturing technology. We use only highest quality materials from leading companies.  All production  undergoes specialized testing to satisfy  quality standards in Europe.
Manufactured stones can be used for indoor and outdoor décor. On the interior of a house manufactured stone can be used as fireplaces, stairways, columns, wall elements decor. It will make your house exterior unique and let you create relaxing outdoor living spaces.
Stone is lightweight and weather resistant. It can be applied to most of the surfaces: plasterboards, OSB panel, thermal insulation, concrete, masonry, wood and many more.  It can serve as insulation and protection from dirt or physical damage.
With a little bit of imagination and manufactured stone you can transform your surroundings to unique, natural and warm place.