6 reasons to choose artificial stone for your fireplace

Often a fireplace becomes a real attraction centre for family members, friends and relatives. After all, it is so cosy to spend evenings and talk by a fire that emits warmth and comfort. A fireplace is an element of warmth, charm and luxury in your house. However, in many cases a natural stone fireplace is not a good choice. Despite a high price, its great weight causes many inconveniences as it needs separate foundations or a serious strengthening of the floor.

Thankfully, there is a simpler choice – the decorative finishing stone which advantages are simply obvious.

The artificial stone naturally imitates the appearance of a real stone

Modern technologies allow to create elastic forms that perfectly imitate stone reliefs. Accurately selected pigments and painting technique deceive even experienced masters. It is hard to distinguish the decoration stones from the natural ones.

The decorative stone is much lighter than the natural one

The produced stone weights 2/3 less than the natural stone. One can significantly save on transportation costs; there is no need to install additional supports or to strengthen the base. The stone can be practically glued on any surface.

It is easier to glue on the artificial stone

You can glue on the decorative stone without the help of a master. Due to its light weight, convenient dimensions and special preparation, no special tools or materials are required for gluing. If you follow the producer’s instructions carefully, you will glue on the stone without difficulties. If you, however, will assign this work to professionals, you can be sure that the invoice for the work done will not frighten you.

The artificial stone is safe

When designing a wood-fired or gas-fired fireplace, safety is a serious challenge. The decorative stone is completely flameproof and acts as thermo-insulating material. The stone does not emit any dangerous substances and is completely safe.

Wide assortment of stone

The artificial stone is produced in various forms and colours and can imitate any stone you choose. This allows you not to limit your imagination when creating house interior and the stone fits for houses of any style.

The decorative stone is cheaper than the natural one

The decorative stone itself is cheaper than the natural one, however, one can save the most on transportation and labour costs. As the artificial stone is lighter, the delivery price is significantly lower. The surface of the produced stone is already prepared for gluing, thus, the labour price reduces 3-4 times comparing to the natural stone.

These are quite strong arguments when choosing finishing for your fireplace. Create an oasis of comfort in your house that will delight not only you but also the surrounding people.