Interior and exterior decorative stone – a new and economical tendency of design

Owners of houses and apartments, designers, architects as well as planners were happy to find widely used and universal finishing material – a decorative finishing stone. What is more, nowadays when everybody understands a value of money and looks for ways to save, you will be delighted with the excellent quality/price ration of this material.

What is the decorative stone?

Stone has been used in interior for many centuries and it is one of the most popular finishing materials in the whole history of civilization. Unfortunately, a price of the natural stone is high due to difficult preparation, great weight and installation that requires accuracy and that price is not affordable for everybody. This problem is solved by technological progress that allows to create an artificial, naturally looking, hard but at the same time light stone product that has all good characteristics of the natural stone and prices affordable for everyone.
The decorative stone is made of special white cement and is painted with special paints that are resistant to atmospheric influences. It is possible to create various forms, reliefs and colours imitating the natural stone.

Advantages of the decorative stone

The decorative stone may imitate any stone type you choose. This new technology is effective both directly and in an indirect price-related sense. The decorative stone is cheaper than the natural one, however, the huge difference is seen when talking about preparation and gluing of the stone. The decorative stone is lightweight and one side imitates a relief of a stone, while another side is specially prepared for effective gluing. Due to its light weight the stone can be glued on plasterboards, particle boards, thermal insulation materials and all other common surfaces. There are no preparation costs. One can save on transportation-related costs.


The decorative stone is extremely resistant to atmospheric influences and can stand extreme temperatures and moisture thanks to special production technologies. Due to this reason, designers, architects and masters choose it both for interior and exterior finishing.

In interior stone is perfectly used for finishing fireplaces, wall elements, pillars, basements, staircases and living-rooms. With a little help of imagination, one can liven up any living space and create both modern and classical designs.

The decorative stone can amazingly decorate a facade of any building or liven up exterior of a chimney, plinth, pillars or fences. It is also possible to create stone recreation areas, outside fireplaces and oases of comfort in your yard.

A time for changes

Real estate prices are slowly coming back to reasonable limits, thus, it is a time to give additional value to your property without high costs. If you want to renovate your living area, office or commercial premises, do it rationally. Choose high quality materials and do not be afraid of innovations. You will be surprised by how fragments of the decorative stone can change your surrounding for an affordable price.